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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Kelly, our 21 year old kitty, enjoying her heated blanket

Is YouTube making us smarter? I really thought it was silly when it first came out but we spend so much time watching tutorials on it I recently bought an additional monitor so we can watch a tutorial on one and work with software we are learning on the other. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks because videos aside I’m constantly amazed at what we have been able to learn on the internet. Recently, just for kicks, we taught ourselves a tiny bit of Mandarin at this website called memrise. They have all kinds of lessons there and although I’m not sure I’m really committed to learning to read a menu at a Chinese restaurant, the format is fun, the lesson are short and they have quizzes to help you remember.

Without the internet, I would never have been able to do this.

A scene from a game we are starting to write.

Or this.

Inside the house. No furniture yet.

If you buy a Tardis PC, is it bigger on the inside?

Here just a cool picture taken from inside a hot air balloon.

I think I may have posted about this place before. It’s a park that is underwater for part of the year.

This is a town in Spain where the houses and shops are built into the rocks and cliffs.

Happy new year everyone!

And finally, something to make you say awww


Bash The Bankers

Friday, January 20th, 2012

We have published a game on the App Store! It’s a physics/cannon shooter universal app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Check out the website and play the demo here

New Image in the 3D Section

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I have added this image to the 3D art section.

White River Gardens #5

White River Gardens #5

Click on the image to see a larger size.

This one is a little hard to cross view but if you can see it, it has great depth.

New Image in the 3D Section

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I have added this image to the 3D art section. It’s from an old Christmas card I made.

gingerbread house

gingerbread house

Click on the image to see it full size.

Yellow Lily

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

The other day I posted about how I take 3D pictures. I mentioned I had gone out to shoot a yellow lily but I just now got it formatted and uploaded. Check it out.

Click here to see it in 3D.

Click here for a tutorial on how to view 3D pictures at this site.

Click here for more 3D pictures.

A Yellow Lily

Shooting a 3D Picture

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

There are a number of ways to shoot a pair of pictures which can be viewed in 3D. The best way is to have a 3D camera or a special lens that shoots both images simultaneously. I have a special lens but it’s cheap. I don’t have the ability to control the focus and the plastic optics don’t yield a very clear picture. By the time you tweak them in a graphics program and size them for the internet they can look alright.

Another way to do it is to shoot a picture and then slide the camera to the side and shoot another picture. The problem is nothing can change over the time between shots, so this is limited to objects that don’t move. Also if you are using a flash, it has to stay in the same spot so it can’t be attached to the camera.

I have never used the technique outside because even the slightest breeze can mess up the shot. The other day was an extremely calm day. We have a striking yellow lily blooming in the yard so I decided to give it a shot.

Here is my set up.

a camera set up for taking a 3D picture

Note the high tech tilt control. A pair of bricks for more tilt and a pair of plant pot bottoms for less tilt. I have built a sliding track with a camera mount on it. That is a clamp slightly out of view to hold the track to the ladder. It’s a cheap set up but not very portable.

a sliding track

This track is much longer than you really need. Typically you would only move the camera about the distance between your eyes but its fun to experiment with different distances. When you move it farther it can make it harder to view but it does emphasize the depth.

This camera has a manual setting so I can make sure the exposure is exactly the same in the two pictures. Some graphics programs can make up for a small difference in exposures.

With no breeze it was ideal for shooting but really hot for the photographer. After you get your two shots, you can format them in a graphics program side by side. I usually format them for cross viewing. But I also have different sets of 3D glasses and for viewing that way you swap the two images.

You can learn to cross view at my tutorial here. I have more 3D pictures in my gallery. And finally, you were probably expecting my lily picture but I also shot this.

A Raspberry

To see it in 3D click here.

More 3D

Monday, May 26th, 2008

For those of you who can see 3D images using the cross-view technique here is a site that has some nice ones. I thought the light painting one was interesting. I’ve always wanted to shoot a 3D lightning picture, but it would be challenging (not to mention dangerous). If you want to learn to cross view, there is also a tutorial link there or you can read mine.

I’ve been writing about exoskeletons lately, here’s an exoskeleton motorcycle.

Years back Pons and Fleischmann announced they had achieved fusion at room temperature. The trouble was they hadn’t. There are few technologies which could have such an enormous impact on the world. Now a Japanese researcher has made the same claim. We’ll see.

The Forkinswift is an electric car built from used forklift parts (electric motor, etc.), used golf cart batteries (and a golf cart PWM motor controller) and a pair of near-dead “host” cars.

Turns out one of the things killing coral around the world is sunscreen. I watched Man vs Wild on Friday and ironically he used goo from a coral as sunscreen.

120 square feet of living space for $1500? I don’t really consider a bathroom and kitchen optional, but I suppose you could join a bunch of them together.

Speaking of bathrooms, check out the view from this one.

Here are tips for Green lawn care. As i get older I’m thinking the just get rid of the grass option is maybe the best. I keep wondering why I grow the stuff. I can’t eat it and it’s a pain to take care of.

I was reading about all the new lakes created from landslides as a result of the Chinese earthquake. Here is a series of satellite images showing one forming.

Here are some funny pictures made from food. I like the watermelon one the best.

Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie sculpted out of junk sounded kind of lame but after I clicked on it, I was impressed.

And finally, you know I always finish with a cute animal shot.

Spring is here!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Well, spring was here. It’s supposed to snow tonight. I have some fresh pixels for you! Here is a 3D picture of some Daffodils. If you haven’t seen my tutorial on how you can see these pictures in 3D go here.


To see the larger 3D version click here.

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Behaving Strangely

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Physics is so odd. If this article at Scientific American had been published on April 1st instead of the 3rd, I would have said BS indeed. I suppose if you can get your head around particles slipping in and out of existence, then one which switches between matter and antimatter is no less believable.

The twist comes from odd behavior in a particle called the BS (pronounced “B-sub-S”), which flips back and forth between its matter and antimatter forms three trillions times per second.

Here is an article at NPR about chimps using spears. It doesn’t sound like they actually throw them. It sounds like they use them to dislodge prey from trees.

The Mangrove Killfish spends several months out of water, living in trees. It’s also the only known vertebrate that is hermaphroditic. This article has a photo.

Here is a paint that changes color in icy conditions. The idea is to put it on road surfaces to give you a heads up, the road may be slick.

If you have epilepsy, do not follow this link because of the flashing. I have been seeing a lot of these ‘wiggle vision‘ pictures lately. The idea is by rapidly changing between two slightly different views, you get a 3D impression. The amount of depth seems to vary quite a bit depending on the picture. I guess I would rather just see the pictures side-by-side and cross view them.

Its amazing how something as destructive as a nuclear explosion can also be strangely beautiful. Here are 8 pictures of nuclear explosions. When I worked at Bell Labs, one of my co-workers had a poster of the first picture in his office. I remember he was working on a project where they used lithium batteries and they were concerned about the batteries exploding if they got shorted out. He had taken some in his backyard and sprayed them with water. He would point at the poster and say that was what happened.

The Brazilian Copaifera langsdorfii is a tree that can be tapped like a rubber tree. Instead of rubber it produces a natural diesel fuel which is merely filtered and put in the tank with no refining necessary.

Finally I got a chuckle out of this maze door chain.

Cats Will Fly

Friday, March 28th, 2008

371 cities are going to turn off the lights for an hour on March 29th. It’s called Earth hour and it’s supposed to raise awareness for global warming. Since it’s at 0900 GMT I don’t think I’ll be up for it. Isn’t that 5am here? Too bad they don’t do it during a meteor shower.

I’ve been reading about some interesting advances in hydrogen storage lately but it still seems to have a long way to go to be practical for automobiles. Innovatek has developed a one pound hydrogen generator. It sounds like it can run on a lot of different fuels.

Shell and Virent Energy Systems have teamed up to make gasoline from plant sugars instead of ethanol.

MIT has completed a test of a fusion reactor which has a very different method of containing the plasma. Instead of trying to push the plasma away from the container they levitate a simple magnet which pulls the plasma in away from the walls. Because the magnet is superconducting, it has to be supercooled. Talk about fire and ice!

I used to joke they would come up with a pill that keeps you young but wouldn’t make you young. So there would be a single generation of old people living in a world full of young ones. At least it appears they are finally finding some drugs that can keep your brain younger.

This site has a video of a road in Japan where they attempted to make music by putting grooves in the road. I can’t say I was too impressed by the sound. Years ago we used to joke that the grooves they put on the side of the road (my wife calls them slumber bumps), should say ‘wake up’ when you drive on them.

This is a little strange. When you go to this site, it takes a few minutes to load then a woman looks where ever you put your cursor on the screen.

I’ve seen art before where people place objects based on a fractal pattern. I have even seen it based on spam. This art is based on worms viruses and spam. There isn’t much explanation of the algorithm they used.

Finally, this strikes me as a photo editing trick, but check out this cat with wings.