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More 3D

Monday, May 26th, 2008

For those of you who can see 3D images using the cross-view technique here is a site that has some nice ones. I thought the light painting one was interesting. I’ve always wanted to shoot a 3D lightning picture, but it would be challenging (not to mention dangerous). If you want to learn to cross view, there is also a tutorial link there or you can read mine.

I’ve been writing about exoskeletons lately, here’s an exoskeleton motorcycle.

Years back Pons and Fleischmann announced they had achieved fusion at room temperature. The trouble was they hadn’t. There are few technologies which could have such an enormous impact on the world. Now a Japanese researcher has made the same claim. We’ll see.

The Forkinswift is an electric car built from used forklift parts (electric motor, etc.), used golf cart batteries (and a golf cart PWM motor controller) and a pair of near-dead “host” cars.

Turns out one of the things killing coral around the world is sunscreen. I watched Man vs Wild on Friday and ironically he used goo from a coral as sunscreen.

120 square feet of living space for $1500? I don’t really consider a bathroom and kitchen optional, but I suppose you could join a bunch of them together.

Speaking of bathrooms, check out the view from this one.

Here are tips for Green lawn care. As i get older I’m thinking the just get rid of the grass option is maybe the best. I keep wondering why I grow the stuff. I can’t eat it and it’s a pain to take care of.

I was reading about all the new lakes created from landslides as a result of the Chinese earthquake. Here is a series of satellite images showing one forming.

Here are some funny pictures made from food. I like the watermelon one the best.

Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie sculpted out of junk sounded kind of lame but after I clicked on it, I was impressed.

And finally, you know I always finish with a cute animal shot.

It’s a Circus Out There

Monday, May 5th, 2008

The phone rang. I picked it up and said “Hello”, there was no response. “Hello”, I said again, and again, silence. I quickly hung up before the political pollster or candidate activist could reach me. That’s right I live in Indiana. Unless you are older than 58 (and I’m not), if you live here you have never participated in a meaningful presidential primary. By the time we vote, everything is pretty much settled.

Now, this is not a political blog, but I am going to rant a minute on the process. It’s a circus out there and I’m absolutely sure, the best person we could get for the job would never run because of that.

Recently all three major candidates declined to a debate about science, and I think that is unfortunate because I am truly interested in what they have to say on the subject, and their general grasp of technical matters. Many of our most important problems will either be solved by or caused by technology.

The job of the presidency involves many different skills but if I could get my way I would like to see the candidates demonstrate skills in math and logic. I would also like to see them listen to a logical argument and show they understood the reasoning behind it.

Beyond that, I would like to see them recite an ordered list of hard-to-pronounce countries from memory.

End rant.

I’m always fascinated by alternative building technology. Here’s an article about a house built using the ‘rammed earth’ approach. Granted it’s small and they didn’t include the price for plumbing or power but it only cost $1000. It does look a little like something the Seven Dwarves would live in.

Houses like that have a huge heat capacity so they average the temperature differences between day and night, or between seasons. Usually they use dirt or stone but here is a company that sells really massive wood house kits.

This guy built a home using straw bale construction. Again, he doesn’t include some of the things a lot of us consider necessities, but the house cost 4000 pounds or about $8000 American.

What would you do with all the money you saved on a house like that? Well you could blow it on this really cool but very expensive electric car. Tesla Motors has finally started shipping its Roadster. Any Johnny Photon fans are welcome to buy me one of those.

This is an article about people using robotic squirrels and lizards to do research. Since it’s likely they would confuse the other animals, it reminded me of that very silly Monty Python bit; Confuse a Cat.

Here is how to make fireballs you can hold in your hand. Kids, don’t try this without adult supervision.

After the Kentucky Derby, we were curious why they can’t help horses with broken legs. Here is why.

Here is another optical illusion. You don’t want to stare at that for long.

Finally, I thought this picture of a sewage truck had a funny political message on it.