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The Giant Swing

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

This video of a guy completing a full loop on a giant swing was far more suspenseful than I expected. When he gets close, you are just waiting for him to fall on his head. It’s a victory for kids everywhere.

For obvious reasons, one of my favorite recipe sites is Cooking for Engineers. I recently purchased a new set of steak knives from Costco. At $19.95 I was afraid they would not be very nice but I’m really happy with them. This article about knives reminded me of my neighbor who has a Chinese wife saying that Chinese cooks retire early because of their wrists.

Here is a cool micro photograph.

I’ve written about making gasoline from plant material before but I think this article explains it pretty well for non-scientists.

And finally, yeah it’s a short post but I’ve been wasting a bunch of time on that game I talked about yesterday. Here’s your funny animal picture.

Cooking in Plastic

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I was having lunch with my parents recently and the subject of using Saran wrap in the microwave came up. I thought you weren’t supposed to use Saran in the microwave. After looking around a bit I found this answer at their web site. It could be I was taken in by this rumor. I was curious about other plastic containers and also found this about Ziploc containers. I was also glad to hear they don’t use bisphenol A in their products.

A deeper mystery is whether you can boil Ziploc bags. There are a number of sites which have recipes that involve this. Perhaps the most common is making an omelet using the bags. I was unable to find the information listed on these sites at SC Johnson. Make up your own mind but check out this at, Breakfast Blogger, and Yahoo Answers.

On a totally different subject, I ran across this short documentary on lightning. It not only includes explanations of what we do and do not know about lightning, it has a pretty cool scene of a tree being blown to bits.

Lightning PhenomenaFunny video clips are a click away

This is one of the best images of the space shuttle I have seen.

I have seen some of these before but 24 peculiar creatures are worth checking out.

I’ve linked to some TED Talks before. This one has some heavy science concepts involved but it describes some pretty amazing technology.

Speaking of cool technology, researchers are using ultrasound to create the ability to feel virtual objects. Before I even got to the last paragraph I had the thought it might be dangerous. I’ll let you draw you own conclusion as to what this will mean to the adult video game market.

And finally, here is a cute story about a spider, a frog and a turtle.