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Violating the Laws of Physics

I’ve linked to the BlackLight web page before. For those of you who don’t know who they are, they are a company who claims to have found an endless source of cheap power using water. Here is a story about the company which seems, well, unbelievable. I’ve looked at their theory and it appears to be pure BS to me. That’s not to say they haven’t stumbled upon something important and just haven’t figured out how it works. I’ve got to say they are my new favorite mystery. I mean EEStor claims some amazing things but only amazing in the technical sense, not the ‘violate the laws of physics’ sense.

Speaking of the impossible, I thought this was interesting. Michio Kaku divides impossible stuff into three categories; impossible now but maybe we can do it in 100 years, stuff that will take 1000 years, and stuff which appears to be truly impossible. Read the article to see what he puts in which category.

Here is a nice flash movie with a lot of scenes from space.

Check out these computer generated landscapes.

I’ve seen some of these before but never heard the term coincidence photography.

Our galaxy makes about 10 stars a year. They just found one that makes 4000 a year! Maybe aliens are taking orders for custom stars.

I hope this dog didn’t get hurt but I like this picture.

And finally, I almost didn’t click on this but it made me laugh. It’s the world’s cutest letter opener.

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