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Can’t Find A Title

I’m pretty mad at myself today. We are supposed to finally get a new car tomorrow. I decided to trade in my old van because it’s running rough and pretty much shot. I don’t have a lot of important papers. I keep them in a briefcase so when it looks like we are going to be hit by a tornado I grab it and go to the basement. The title isn’t in the briefcase. It’s not like there is a second place to look because that is where it should be. I looked anyway. We have mountains of paper around this house. It’s hopeless.

Dan wrote: “I assume you will be going with a Prius or some other Hybrid? ”

I plan on writing a post about the whole car buying ordeal after we finally have it. Dan and I used to work together. He knows I’m 6 foot 6 inches tall and would never fit in a Prius.

Here is a link about a car that runs on compressed air and I’m guessing I would never fit in it either. I know it’s silly but you just picture a car making flatulence sounds while zooming down the road like an untied balloon. I remember seeing something on TV once where a guy in a very cold country built a motorcycle that ran on compressed air. He put water in propane tanks and when it froze, it expanded and pressurized the tanks.

My wife is in Denver again. From her description, her flight out was filled with screaming young children and crying babies. I guess it took a really long time to pick up her rental car. When she finally got a chance to relax and get some food, she went to a Mexican restaurant. They had a live band walking around and the horn section stood right behind her.

She saw a local story about Bishop Castle and told me I should look it up. Here is the home page. I was expecting something more traditional but it is quite stunning.

This is a pretty funny video. It’s supposed to be what happens when you put a cell phone in a microwave but actually it’s some well done special effects.

I didn’t realize there were poisonous caterpillars. Here is a story about a woman who died after stepping on several of them while barefoot. If I ever go to Peru, I think I’ll keep my shoes on.

Check out these pictures of canyons on Mars.

And finally, here are some pictures of three cute white lion cubs.

2 Responses to “Can’t Find A Title”

  1. Dan Says:

    John D traded in his car and he did not have the title. They let him bring it up later, which he did. He had to go to BMV, which is a quick process these days – not like it was a few years ago. They have really improved it. Also I think the dealer can handle it for you as well. So, don’t fret over it, it really is no big deal.

    I think you just have to suffer and go for the Prius or maybe one of those SmartCars. It will be worth it, you won’t notice the back pain because you will be feeling so self-righteousness – LOL!

  2. Dan Says:

    that should have been – …you will be feeling so self-righteous…

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