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From The Mail Bag

Sometimes writing this blog is as easy as looking through my mail.

Dan writes:
Here is a funny site you may want to check out – if you get their sense of humor


I have heard of this guy because he got a book deal right away after starting his site.

Matt writes:

Interesting game.

Can you guess where my accent is from?

I don’t know why I expected to do better on this quiz than I did. It’s actually really hard. I guess one of the things I would have liked would have been to be able to hear the person speak after I knew the choices. I’m not sure it would have helped.

Also from Matt is this video prank. If you let it play to the end, you can create an email you can send to your friends where it uses their names instead.

Again from Matt is this link to a short film which won the 2008 Cannes short film competition. If you have any ad blocking software, you probably need to turn it off to see it. Of course, my readers wouldn’t have ad blocking software on when they visit my site anyway. They would be missing all the ads from the great companies who help support my website!


I always find it fascinating when someone can tell a story in a few minutes without a big budget.

My wife sent me this link. It’s a video of a guy who built a model of the Beijing Olympic venue out of playing cards. I used to build some card houses when I was a kid but this guy has taken it to a level I would have never thought possible.

Sometimes I bookmark links and then forget what they were because the name of the link makes no sense in my bookmarks. That was the case with this collection of pictures of ‘Divorce Cakes‘.

This is pretty cool. It’s a guitar that can manipulate its own strings to sustain a note or sound like different instruments.

I would guess this image of a butterfly’s tongue was shot with an electron microscope. It’s amazing how feathery things look at that level.

This list of 50 things we now know we didn’t know a year ago has some surprises. Why in the world would skin cancer be 20 percent more common on the left side of the body?

And finally, usually I post a link to a funny animal or cute cat picture here. I don’t know if this is funny but it’s one amazingly large rabbit.

5 Responses to “From The Mail Bag”

  1. Matt Says:

    As to the skin cancer being 20% more common on the left side, I would guess it would be more common on the right side in England. This would be do to which side of a car a driver sets on. I drive a lot of miles each year and at least in the spring, my left side is slightly more tan than the right. There may be another reason, but I would be curious to see results from countries with cars where the driver sits on the right.

  2. Dan Says:

    As usual, Matt you are right on target!

  3. Dan Says:

    Oops! I just read the study and it was talking about England. So, I guess I have to withdraw previous comment. Sorry Matt.

  4. admin Says:

    I thought Matt had a pretty good explanation too but I guess not if it was England. In fact that makes it even stranger. I wonder how the statistics break down between left and right-handed people.

  5. Matt Says:

    Oops! Does seem strange considering the study was done in England. I now have NO explanation!

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