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RIAA to sue for song stuck in your head

Just kidding. I have recently watched Steal This Film part 1, and Steal this Film part 2. Both the films are free to download and are about pirating music and video. I couldn’t help but think how bad this is going to be in the future when you have some digital memory merged into your brain which will allow you to make a perfect copy of a song the first time you hear it.

Larry Lessig is a professor at Stanford who is involved in the Creative Commons, a legal framework for sharing content. Apparently he has some political aspirations as well. Here is an entertaining Ted Talks video where he talks about the subject. I think one of the interesting points he makes is the corrosive effect of making things kids want to do illegal. That concept also comes across (at least to me) in those other two films.

Speaking of copying, a supernote is a nearly perfect counterfeit bill. I had bookmarked the original article at the Kansas City press but the link went into an archive. I had to search pretty hard to find the link above still containing my favorite quote:

Stranger yet, the number of supernotes found indicates that whoever is printing them isn’t doing so in large quantities. Only $50 million worth of them have been seized since 1989, an average of $2.8 million per year and not even enough to pay for the sophisticated equipment and supplies needed to make them.

Ha! Surely that means aliens or people from the future! Wikipedea also has something for you conspiracy theorists. Scroll down the page to the part about the CIA.

I have always wondered why people attribute UFO’s to aliens. I would argue a slightly better, but also totally crazy explanation is they are humans from the future. The reasons are, we live in the boonies of the Milky Way, we wouldn’t be interesting to them, and any civilization advanced enough for interstellar space travel would certainly have more entertaining things to do. On the other hand, humans from the future might be interested in us from an anthropology standpoint, as a tourism destination, or to find Sarah Connor. We may not have to wait long. According to this guy, aliens will make a mass appearance in 2013 or 2017.

What happens when you make a 3D printer that can make a 3D printer? The technology has a way to go but after I watched this video I started thinking which things in my house could be made with that type of machine.

Heineken bottles shaped like bricks. I have often wished you could buy water bottles in the shape of Legos so you could make a greenhouse out of them.

It was only a joke, but I used to say the day I get a Tattoo is when I can get an animated one. Well, here is an electronic one that runs on blood.

When the Wii came out, you just knew people were going to do all kinds of clever things with the controller. Johnny Lee uses one to control the point of view of a display with jaw dropping results. Check out this video of how remarkably 3D it looks.

2 Responses to “RIAA to sue for song stuck in your head”

  1. E-Twelve Says:

    I have also always considered the “humans from the future” argument for UFO appearances, psychic “dream-like” communication, etc. – feasible as an answer for what some individuals claim to experience. The messages seems to warn us of what may become. –
    Why would a backwater planet circling a star on the edge of a multitude of galaxies visible to any advanced civilization within Earth’s small radius cause any attention at all? Self-preservation seems what we as life-forms may naturally do best. If there is a way to send information to the past without violation of future causality – and if it could preserve the paradox of time ( which may be illusory ) – Would we as future entities not want to try ?
    Way too beyond today’s understanding of space/time – physics and our understanding is still in a period of discovery – If we believe that Einstein’s theories were totally correct and that the Bell Theorem has nothing to investigate, we may as well give up the methods of Science.

  2. General Fabb Says:

    The 3D printing thing will be a really big deal. When people can punch out items at home instead of heading out to the store, a lot of things will be very, very different. The digital rights issue will become important not just for the RIAA/MPAA and their songs/movies, but for *any* manufacturer! I wouldn’t want to be a freight carrier in 10 years….

    If you’re interested in following the news on 3D Printing and digital fabrication, you might consider reading our blog at Fabbaloo or