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UFO Strangeness

This Larry King interview is just odd for so many reasons. This is video of a UFO interacting with a ballistic missile test. Be sure to read the text below the footage. If the footage was confiscated by the CIA, why are we watching it?

I was surprised by these photos of the most alien-looking place on earth because I hadn’t seen a lot of these plants before. Very cool pictures!

Speaking of striking places, check out the 10 most incredible oases in the world.

As long as we are looking at pictures, here are 35 examples of rain photography. Some are definitely better than others.

This is just strange. A kid has a rare medical condition that gives him super strength. When that baby throws a tantrum, you’d better get out of the way!

Here are top ten amazing science videos. I saw the Mythbusters episode the one clip is from and I thought the scene where they float things in a tank with sulfur hexafluoride was more interesting. My personal favorite was this one. I’m surprised I haven’t seen one of these in a bar or casino at some time.

Pretty sweet! Now you can build your own electric plane for $21,000.

And finally, check out this cute pair of animals

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