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Strange Behavior

I got up this morning and my wife said the internet was down. I joked the Large Hadron Collider may not have destroyed the world but it brought down the internet. It was out most of the day. I was experiencing internet withdrawal, but I do have some links for you.

By far the strangest thing I’ve read lately is this rather long article about there being a race of lizard aliens keeping slave children under the Denver International Airport. That’s just one of the theories. It seems a lot of the strange tales revolve around the art murals. I have googled them here for you if you like but most of the ones I clicked on were kind of small. Update; the original link seems to be down. Perhaps our alien lizard overlords did not want us to read it? I’ve tracked down what appears to be the same text cached version here.

I thought this piece on why Rambo-like people are the first to die in a disaster was kind of amusing. I have been in a few situations where someone was badly injured or in need of medical attention. I have found if you tell the people who are screaming or most panicked to go get help, it gives them something to do and it gets them out of the way so everyone else feels calmer and you can focus on first aid.

As long as we are on the subject of human behavior, if you want someone to fall in love with you take them on a rollercoaster.

Did you know South-East Asian giant honeybees shimmer to protect their hives from predators?

I found number seven in ten things you don’t know about the Earth the most interesting. The Earth has five moons but not really.

I still haven’t gotten a chance to read about these 10 incredible underground lakes and rivers but the pictures are stunning.

And finally since I couldn’t get on-line I got around to gathering up one of my own funny cat pictures. This is my Amy being silly.



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