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There is a video out there which teaches you something about perception. I had seen it on some site originally but it took some looking to find it. What I want you to do is watch the video and count the number of times the people in the white shirts pass the basketball. Here it is, it takes a while to load. When you are done watching it, leave the window open because you may want to see it again.

I’m going to get back to that in a minute. The video was also presented in a TED Talk by Michael Shermer publisher of Skeptic magazine. I think it was probably this talk but then got edited for copyright reasons. When I went looking for it and realized it wasn’t part of the talk I still thought the guy was interesting and entertaining.

Okay back to the first video. Did you see the guy in the gorilla suit?

If you liked the Virgin Mary muffin check out these images. I really liked the third one.

I’m no economist but the first thing I would do in a financial crisis is look to see how other countries handled a similar situation. Here’s how the Swedes handled it.

Esquire magazine recently had a cover created with E-paper. The stuff is remarkably tough.

Looking at the pictures of this snake, I was reminded there are real monsters out there.

And finally, it’s not very good at it but this cat tries to play the piano.

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