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Brain Theory

I saw this TED Talk by Jeff Hawkins the other day on a theory about how the brain works. I think his main point about intelligence was interesting. When I took Artificial Intelligence I remember seeing some interesting programs, but when you saw the code it was like a magic trick where once you know how it’s done, the ‘magic’ vanishes. Could it be intelligence is just a matter of sophisticated pattern matching?

I really think someday people will walk around with their computers rolled up into little tubes like this example of flexible TV displays. On the other hand I can’t imagine how much better looking a laser based TV would look. Also, once they are small enough to project from your cell phone, you wouldn’t need a display to fold up.

It takes a minute to get going but once this landslide starts up, you see an entire forest slide down the hill.

As the worlds financial markets melt down, keep in mind the less control you feel you have the more likely you are to see patterns or connections that don’t exist.

Also on the subject of the financial melt down, here is how to live with almost no money. I haven’t gotten a chance to read much of it but it does involve eating varmints.

Guess what is more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

I had seen the study about strippers before but I had not heard the one about armadillos changing history.

And finally, not only is this a funny animal picture, it’s also quite a striking photo.

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