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The Giant Swing

This video of a guy completing a full loop on a giant swing was far more suspenseful than I expected. When he gets close, you are just waiting for him to fall on his head. It’s a victory for kids everywhere.

For obvious reasons, one of my favorite recipe sites is Cooking for Engineers. I recently purchased a new set of steak knives from Costco. At $19.95 I was afraid they would not be very nice but I’m really happy with them. This article about knives reminded me of my neighbor who has a Chinese wife saying that Chinese cooks retire early because of their wrists.

Here is a cool micro photograph.

I’ve written about making gasoline from plant material before but I think this article explains it pretty well for non-scientists.

And finally, yeah it’s a short post but I’ve been wasting a bunch of time on that game I talked about yesterday. Here’s your funny animal picture.

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