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It’s all in your mind

This is one of those collections of odd pictures. I have seen some of them before, but they are entertaining.

I pretty much knew what to expect before watching this video on attention. Then again, it didn’t make any difference.

A few professors I had were so entertaining; I would have taken any class they taught. Unfortunately, I had a lot more who were terribly boring. I had one who was so funny I could hardly eat lunch after his class because my sides hurt so bad from laughing. Walter Lewin is a physics professor at MIT. I had heard of him but just recently watched a video of him in action. The article includes links to his lectures.

Speaking of online education, here is a large list of places you can learn a foreign language online.

Are all those mental challenges leaving you soft in the body? This article from New Scientist says you can increase your muscle strength by merely imagining you are exercising!

And finally, actual questions asked to Park Rangers.

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