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Often I don’t get around to writing on Mondays. Then on Tuesday I sit down and discover I’ve collected so many links over the weekend I have too many to go though. Then I find the ones like this one where a young kid tries to be mean throwing a cat into some water only to find the tables have turned. It’s amazing to watch the cat pretty much turning around in mid-air.

I found a number of cool photo galleries this weekend including strangely colored sand beaches, very nice hot spring photos, and 50 strange buildings.

Speaking of strange buildings, this inflatable shelter is an interesting concept for disaster victims.

I don’t know much about the burning man festival other than I’ve heard it’s in the desert in the summer and people don’t wear a lot of clothing. Check out these colossal art structures they create.

Someone was being clever when they put together this picture of ‘Baroque’ Obama.

The people down the road from us have sheep and around the Christmas holiday season they tie large red ribbons around them. I’m not sure the sheep mind and I chuckle every time I see it. This guy went so much further actually dying the sheep a bright red.

Talk about colorful; look at the size of this what-ever-it-is.

This is such a beautiful picture of a beautiful place.

The digital art of Benedict Campbell includes some artistic nudity so if you are at work you may want to hold off.

Also this cute collection of animal pairs does have one non-explicit image of what animal pairs sometimes do.

The Akinator is a site where you think of someone and it asks you a series of questions until it guesses who you are thinking of. When I first went there it didn’t seem to be working so I tried using Internet Explorer and it worked but maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. It’s kind of slow and I didn’t know what to expect.

I got a laugh out of this help wanted ad.

And finally, this collection of cat pictures say sometimes they are dangerous but a lot of them are cute too.

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