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Cats Will Fly

371 cities are going to turn off the lights for an hour on March 29th. It’s called Earth hour and it’s supposed to raise awareness for global warming. Since it’s at 0900 GMT I don’t think I’ll be up for it. Isn’t that 5am here? Too bad they don’t do it during a meteor shower.

I’ve been reading about some interesting advances in hydrogen storage lately but it still seems to have a long way to go to be practical for automobiles. Innovatek has developed a one pound hydrogen generator. It sounds like it can run on a lot of different fuels.

Shell and Virent Energy Systems have teamed up to make gasoline from plant sugars instead of ethanol.

MIT has completed a test of a fusion reactor which has a very different method of containing the plasma. Instead of trying to push the plasma away from the container they levitate a simple magnet which pulls the plasma in away from the walls. Because the magnet is superconducting, it has to be supercooled. Talk about fire and ice!

I used to joke they would come up with a pill that keeps you young but wouldn’t make you young. So there would be a single generation of old people living in a world full of young ones. At least it appears they are finally finding some drugs that can keep your brain younger.

This site has a video of a road in Japan where they attempted to make music by putting grooves in the road. I can’t say I was too impressed by the sound. Years ago we used to joke that the grooves they put on the side of the road (my wife calls them slumber bumps), should say ‘wake up’ when you drive on them.

This is a little strange. When you go to this site, it takes a few minutes to load then a woman looks where ever you put your cursor on the screen.

I’ve seen art before where people place objects based on a fractal pattern. I have even seen it based on spam. This art is based on worms viruses and spam. There isn’t much explanation of the algorithm they used.

Finally, this strikes me as a photo editing trick, but check out this cat with wings.

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