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Behaving Strangely

Physics is so odd. If this article at Scientific American had been published on April 1st instead of the 3rd, I would have said BS indeed. I suppose if you can get your head around particles slipping in and out of existence, then one which switches between matter and antimatter is no less believable.

The twist comes from odd behavior in a particle called the BS (pronounced “B-sub-S”), which flips back and forth between its matter and antimatter forms three trillions times per second.

Here is an article at NPR about chimps using spears. It doesn’t sound like they actually throw them. It sounds like they use them to dislodge prey from trees.

The Mangrove Killfish spends several months out of water, living in trees. It’s also the only known vertebrate that is hermaphroditic. This article has a photo.

Here is a paint that changes color in icy conditions. The idea is to put it on road surfaces to give you a heads up, the road may be slick.

If you have epilepsy, do not follow this link because of the flashing. I have been seeing a lot of these ‘wiggle vision‘ pictures lately. The idea is by rapidly changing between two slightly different views, you get a 3D impression. The amount of depth seems to vary quite a bit depending on the picture. I guess I would rather just see the pictures side-by-side and cross view them.

Its amazing how something as destructive as a nuclear explosion can also be strangely beautiful. Here are 8 pictures of nuclear explosions. When I worked at Bell Labs, one of my co-workers had a poster of the first picture in his office. I remember he was working on a project where they used lithium batteries and they were concerned about the batteries exploding if they got shorted out. He had taken some in his backyard and sprayed them with water. He would point at the poster and say that was what happened.

The Brazilian Copaifera langsdorfii is a tree that can be tapped like a rubber tree. Instead of rubber it produces a natural diesel fuel which is merely filtered and put in the tank with no refining necessary.

Finally I got a chuckle out of this maze door chain.

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