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Extreme Photography

There is a picture in my 2D gallery of a Christmas cactus flower. I have a print of it hanging in my living room blown up to just under 3 feet tall. The resolution in the original file is so high I should be able to blow it up to at least 8 feet. That pales in comparison to the images you could produce if you owned some of the gear in this article; The World’s Most Extreme Photography Equipment.

Speaking of cool camera gear, here is a camera from Casio which can shoot an amazing 1,200 frames per second.

Here is a piece about a toxic lake in Montana. The interesting thing is researchers are finding microbes in it which my have useful medical properties.

I have written about Improv Everywhere in this blog before. In their latest stunt, they descend upon a little league baseball game. They slowly keep adding professional baseball touches cumulating in an appearance by the Goodyear blimp.

Video projectors will soon be built into cellphones. Sometimes at twilight, I look at the sky and there are colors you just can’t seem to capture on a camera. If you could, your monitor wouldn’t be able to display them. I can’t imagine what a laser video projector would look like but I wonder if the color spectrum will be wider.

The Pentagon backs plan to beam solar power from space. I can see why this would be something they would like as you could send the power anywhere on earth. You can’t help but think the same technology could be used as a weapon. Remind anyone of a Bond film?

I was going to put this link up a while back but the site went down. It’s all in Spanish so I have no idea what they are saying. Wait for it to load, then type a first and last name in the first two boxes. You don’t need to put anything in the email ones. Then click on the word Visualizar at the bottom. You may want to lower your volume as it was a little loud here. After thinking about it I guess I could do it but I was surprised I hadn’t seen anyone else do something like this before. Here is the link.

Finally, check out these cute polar bear pictures.

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