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Cyborg Bugs

Here are the ten weirdest computers according to New Scientist Tech. You have to go to page two for the really odd ones. It’s hard to pick the strangest but I think the cyborg bugs get my vote. Check out the video. Stuff like that makes me think we may merge with computers before they become smarter than us.

Speaking of merging with machines, any volunteers for implantable brain electrodes?

This is really cool! It’s called Direct Note Access and it’s music editing software which does things I didn’t think were possible.

We don’t often get earthquakes here in the Midwest but we had one this morning. If it woke me up, I didn’t realize what had happened but we were wide awake for the 4.6 aftershock. Here it just rattled the house a little. I ran across this website for the USGS shortly after it happened.

Did you know the Earth hums?

It doesn’t sound practical, but this guy heated a hot tub using the heat from a reaction between quicklime and water. Years back we bought some dinners which you added water to something and then put the sealed food in the box to be steamed. I used them on a couple road trips but they stopped selling them.

I haven’t tried this yet but if you own a Canon camera, here is software and instructions on how to alter the firmware to get it to do new things. Some of them, like interval shooting and super fast shutter times, sound pretty cool.

Every time it appears they are hitting the limits of physics, someone figures out a way to make transistors even smaller.

Cicadas are so alien looking. Here is a stop action animation of one molting.

Finally, you may have thought of a lot of ways trampolines can be dangerous, but I bet this is not one of them.

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