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The Nerf Car of the Future

I thought this was pretty clever. Instead of a whole medical imaging machine, why not just hook a scanner up to a cell phone and transmit the data out and an image back. Real Trekkie Tricorder Invented.

Here is another one of those world statistics pages.

I think the most interesting part of this collection of high speed video is the tires on the race car at the end, deforming from the acceleration.

I used to joke about the nerf car of the future. When people run into each other, they just bounce off laughing. Volvo has set a date for an injury proof car.

Wired looks at some Survival Gear That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work. We are usually pretty comfortable when we camp in our van. That last one reminded me I used to think about how you might take a small horse trailer and add a kitchen, bathroom, and shower. I didn’t realize you could buy something like that.

This site may be down. I’m going to post the link and hope it works for you because it was pictures of unusual things people turned into homes. Think jets, boats, and missile silos.

This is a video of a strange magnetic toy.

Here is yet another photo voltaic system which claims to be cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Brazil has an interesting history of how they became energy independent. Part of it was they had a military government and it’s a great place to grow sugarcane. Part of it was they decided to do something about it after the international energy crises of the 1970s. I was interested in where you can grow sugarcane so I looked it up at Wikipedia. I found the whole article pretty interesting.

Here are some pretty nice photos of African wildlife.

Yikes! Check out this spider bot.

Years ago we were in Florida eating breakfast. I was reading the paper and realized the shuttle was about to launch. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to see it, but we ran out to the beach and there was a huge column of smoke. Here is a pretty cool picture of a launch at night into the clouds.

Finally, here is another funny cat picture.

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