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Someone showed me the Loremo site when I was out of town and I couldn’t remember the name until I ran across it recently. It’s a car that gets 120 mpg. If you go to the gallery, you can see the car opens through the front.

Here are some amazing pictures of a strap-on jet. I bet that gets your adrenaline going.

This chart of different biofuels is interesting, especially the algae line. It seems like everyday there are more candidates including fungus and sweet sorghum.

Microsoft released its WorldWide Telescope today. You can explore the universe and it’s free.

Speaking of free stuff on the web, here is an article about a free music studio called AudioTool.

I spent most of grade school trying to avoid learning grammar. Then, when I took a class in artificial intelligence, I had to write a program which would parse a sentence into its parts. There is a new search engine coming out which is supposed to be more intelligent. It seems like there are some things you just can’t search for on the web. Maybe it will help.

Here is a list of 60 photography links.

Here is a photo of an ancient Chinese earthquake detector.

Finally, check out these pictures of adorable cheetah cubs.

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