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Smart Animals

Years back when I used to go to SIGGRAPH, there were always innovative user interfaces in the exhibits. I was reminded of that when I watched this video of a drum sequencer controlled by placing gum balls in holes on a board.

This artist combines insects and antique watch parts for some strange art pieces.

I have never seen a commercial encouraging people to learn chemistry until now and this one is pretty strange.

DARPA has created some pretty cool things over the years and tried some pretty silly ones. Here is a summary of some of them.

A while back I wrote about free market government where we’d all live in spaceships and park over the country that offers you the best deal on your tax dollars. These people seem serious about making floating ocean colonies with the idea of creating a government from scratch.

One of my cats used to sneak up on another one of my cats when she was sleeping, smack her in the head and then run away. Besides feeling it was mean, I often thought about how much planning was required. Also, she obviously knew that she could get away with it because the other cat was asleep. Here is a round-up of the ten smartest animals.

This is pretty cool. It’s a machine that can sort garbage for recycling and not only power itself, but produce excess energy too.

This video involves flesh cutting so you may not want to watch it, but it’s a plasma scalpel in action.

Here is another nice collection of ‘stopped time’ photos.

Here is a picture of a giant couch made of sand.

Who would have guessed, some people would make rock balancing an art?

For you gadget lovers, here is a remote control car where you can wear goggles and see as though you were inside it.

And finally, check out this silly video of a puppy playing with chicks.

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