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The Chinese Earthquake

Here are some wedding photos taken during that Chinese earthquake. I thought the one of the church with the large cracks in it was especially striking. Here is a 360 degree view of earthquake damage. Click and drag your mouse to look around. They are probably not related to the earthquake but here is a video of strange rainbow clouds taken 30 minutes before the quake.

Borneo is home to a lot of things that fly or glide. I had heard of most of these, I think, but not the flying frogs.

I wrote about anti-bacterial soap the other day. This article points out the chemicals they use cause problems in the environment, and they stick around forever.

“The irony is that these compounds have no measurable benefit over the use of regular soap and water for hand washing; the contact time simply is too short.” Unfortunately this cannot be said for the bottom-dwelling organisms in the sampling locations on the East Coast. “Here,” Halden concludes, “the affected organisms are experiencing multi-generational, life-time exposures to our chemical follies.”

Speaking of bacteria, did you know you could make a computer out of them?

Your last flu shot? Walter Fiers attempts to create a universal vaccine against the flu.

Here is a video of a table which gets larger or smaller in a completely novel way.

In this TED Talks video Microsoft shows off SeaDragon which is software that allows you to view immense amount of visual information. Then they talk about Photosynth which can knit together a bunch of shots taken at different angles and spatially arrange them into a 3D object.

And finally, check out this funny photo of a smiling cat.

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