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Beam It Down, Scotty

How to harvest solar power? Beam it down from space. This idea has been kicked around for a long time. Seeing as though the sun shines 24/7 up there, it eliminates the need for storing the power at night, but at a big cost. I could see the military being interested in such a system because they could deploy it anywhere.

Speaking of the military, Thomas Barnett talks about how we need to change it. He uses some adult language in this TED talk so be warned. Basically he says we need a huge number of system administrators, initially as part of the military but eventually an international organization made up mostly of civilians. These people would take over after the military has done its job. Expecting the 19 year old kids to do both rolls in Iraq was unrealistic.

Check out this solar powered speed boat, for only 1.1 million dollars.

Magnetic fields are invisible, but in these pictures and video scientist use computer graphics to visualize them.

Buy one house and get one free? Unfortunately the first one starts at 1.6 million dollars.

Here is a strange story about stones that grow themselves.

I’ve seen water purifiers that remove a lot of things but this one has pores so small it removes all viruses.

This is kind of fun. Move your mouse and click around on the screen and the software produces kaleidoscope type animations. You can also click the little widgets and see what happens.

Here are some pictures of ecologically friendly house designs. I’ve linked to the one tree house before. I think the really striking thing is the lack of straight lines. It would be so different to live in something that has an organic shape to it.

I liked this photo of a horse shaking off dust.

Here is an interactive map of carbon emissions across the United States. My state is one of the worst.

And finally, check out these cute little pigs.

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