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More Storms

Sorry this post is so short but we have another big storm coming and I need to run some errands. Here are just a handful of links.

Speaking of storms, here are some storm photos shot in Nebraska.

Scroll down a bit to see two subjects on this blog dealing with printing buildings. According to them it would be five times cheaper. With all the fancy things they can do with concrete these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could make them look like traditional houses for not much more.

One time I built a 3D scanner using a video camera, an aquarium, and some food coloring. We also experimented with moving lights around an object and averaging the pictures together. This is much cooler! By sending light though grids and doing a lot of processing, scientists have managed to build a microscope which can get around the limitation of light microscopy. The fact that you can’t resolve objects smaller than the wavelength of the light you are using. Check out the video.

O.K. this is just silly fun. Cornstarch is strange stuff. Mixed with the right amount of water it’s a non-Newtonian fluid. You can roll it into a ball in your hand and when you stop applying pressure it melts. Here someone decided to make a video where they pour it into a speaker and vibrate it at different frequencies.

And finally, in Japan they decided watermelons would fit in the fridge better if they were square.

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