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Amy – page 2

Before she died, we had a feeding station, water bowl, cat condo, and litter box in our living room so she would not have to make much of an effort to do anything. She liked to play in her water so much we had to devise a spill-proof bowl using Velcro. When we went on vacation, we had to place numerous water bowls around the house including one in the sink with a towel around it.

She loved to chase a laser - we called it playing red dot

She loved to chase a laser - we called it "playing red dot"

Most of Amy’s life, she enjoyed being held like a baby. While Maggie and Kelly would show their affection by inviting you to rub their bellies or give you an occasional head butt. Amy was up in your face. She would sit on my chest inches from my nose and gaze into my eyes as if she were peering into my soul. Throughout her life, she would insist on kissing our chins or noses before settling down in our laps. Often, she would crouch down on my stomach with her head deeply buried in my chest as though she was nursing. Unlike our other cats, if she wasn’t around for a few minutes, it meant you needed to check on her to make sure she was OK.

Amy steals a kiss

Amy steals a kiss

When she was young, she was curious. We had some neighbors move in next door and we hadn’t really gotten a chance to talk with them. One day Amy went missing and I walked around the neighborhood calling to her. It was faint but I heard her voice coming from inside the neighbor’s garage. Feeling kind of embarrassed I went to their door and asked if they would open their garage. There she was sitting in their boat. I’m glad she didn’t damage anything.

Hanging out in the treehouse

Hanging out in the 'treehouse'

Toward the end of her life she became deaf. If she had been napping on the kitty sill in the back room she would wake up and become quite vocal. Her normal meow was a two syllable sound. Sometimes she would roll her R’s. We compared it to Mama but it did sound more like ‘Marco’ and recently we would respond by saying ‘Polo’ even though she could not hear us. I would stamp my foot on the floor so she would feel it and come into the room we were in or move where she could see me.

Getting spunky on the condo - later in life her one eye became darker

Getting spunky on the condo - later in life her one eye became darker

She thought she was tough. She was pretty small as cats go but she never hesitated to take on a cat she really should have run from. Years ago, we used to let them come and go though the cat door as they pleased. One day we came home and we were horrified to see a bunch of fur in the driveway we recognized to be Amy’s. We ran inside to find her bloody with among other things, a slightly torn ear which never quite went back to normal. After Maggie died, we erected a barrier of PVC pipe and deer netting to keep the neighborhood cats out. On more then one occasion, Amy attempted to attack the neighbor cat through the barrier even though the cat was several times her weight and very much younger and stronger. As sweet as she was, she never displayed affection to us when we were outside as if she didn’t want to show the neighbor cats she had a soft side.

There was something about my wifes wet hair she liked

There was something about my wife's wet hair she liked

She had some health problems though her life. Due to her long hair, she struggled occasionally with constipation and hair balls. She had a couple of major infections we had to nurse her through. After Maggie passed away from kidney failure, we were shocked to find out both Amy and Kelly were also in the early stages of kidney failure.  We spent a difficult time administrating fluids subcutaneously but after that and a diet change, their levels became normal once again and a year and a half passed.

What? Your arent supposed to lie on these?

What? Your aren't supposed to lie on these?

I guess we knew Amy was headed down hill. She lost weight. Sometimes we would set her down in front of her food just as a reminder and she would eat. Until we had to change her diet, she would only eat one particular type of canned food. She was seventeen and a half, deaf, and frail, but happy just to be with us.

Hanging out in the garden

A nice day in the garden

You know they won’t live forever, but nothing prepares you for the end. Tuesday, as normal, my wife got up earlier than I did. Also, as usual, Amy came into the bedroom to try to rouse me. My wife heard her and came in to help settle her down and she went to sleep next to me. Later I got up, but since she was sleeping peacefully, I didn’t disturb her. When she woke up she had a really bad spell of nausea. Sometimes her kidney problems led to acid stomach. I tried to give her antacids, but the struggle was so intense. Since she really didn’t throw up that often, I eventually gave up. On Monday I had purchased a couple of cans of the food she used to love because she was losing weight on her kidney friendly diet.

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